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What's a tool jar?

It's a container where you put your tools, isn't it?

What's ToolJar?

It's a virtual container containing several business tools.

Why Tooljar?

How it works

How much does it cost? Nothing

Are you ready?

Try it yourself, it's one click away!

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Final user benefits

  • enterprise technologies on fingertips
  • ready to go in seconds
  • no maintenance
  • access from everywhere
  • open source software

Resellers benefits

Tooljar doesn't have any commercial strategy yet but there are plans to develop a reseller network. If you provide IT assistance, Tooljar might be an interesting tool to help your customers.

Join us!

Make your Tooljar in seconds and come aboard. Express your opinion and help us making Tooljar a masterpiece.

Free your words :)

Next to come

In the next weeks the following tools will be added to any Tooljar:

  • MCB-SB dev (v.0.14)
  • Hero CMS

version 0.1.83